Our Story

Work on  "The Beacon" began almost 2 years ago in 2015. Starting with an outline and some concept art, Chris Staehler (Director) pitched the idea to Chris Purdy (Director of Photography) and before long, their team had grown exponentially. During the Fall and winter of 2015, the Chris's worked on developing the story with Co-Writer, David Quandt into a full fledged short film. In May 2016, pre production was full throttle. Costumes were being made, casting was being decided on and scheduling began for a 12 day shoot at the beginning of July. Filming for "The Beacon" began July 11th, 2016 at Laurel Canyon Stages. Shooting lasted 4 days with a daily crew of up to 40 people and included some of the most complex staging and lighting gags of the entire shoot. After Laurel, the production took a day off to relocate to Anaheim, where we set up shop in an AirBnB for a quick 2 day shoot covering the opening of the film. A second day off followed our AirBnB shoot as we once again relocated and prepared for our final stage of shooting at Chapman University. Utilizing the sound stages and the prop/set department, we concluded our shoot in a 4 day hurricane of activity. Nearly 3 of these days took place on a green screen stage which proved to be a fun but challenging experience for both actors and crew.






















Over the next several months, work began on editing the film down to a reasonable size. In January 2017, we began to approach a near locked edit and started the lengthy process of post production and visual effects. The film has over 240 visual effects shots including some that are entirely CGI. With only a handful of artists, we completed the visual effects in the Summer of 2018. 


We are immensely proud of the film we have been able to make on so little. We sincerely hope you enjoy it as we take it around to festivals. Keep up to date on screenings and more information through our social media pages. 

We are very excited to share the Beacon with you and hope you enjoy not only the final product, but the story of our journey as it unfolds.

The Cast

Damien Kelly - Mark Verne

Damien Kelly plays Mark Verne, husband of Kara Verne. Mark is a local system shipping pilot running supplies in the solar system. He has a limp from an old injury that sometimes gives him trouble, but he powers through it to make ends meet.

Kylie Contreary - Kara Verne

Kylie Contreary plays Kara Verne, wife of Mark Verne. Kara is a shipping pilot like Mark, running mostly local runs. She has always wanted to make longer, interstellar runs, especially to the core worlds, but has yet to get a break. Her and Mark's busy schedule keep them apart for long lengths of time just to make ends meet.

​​Claire Montgomery - Judy

Claire Montgomery plays the jaded port authority agent on Rylar Station known as Judy. No one is sure of when she came to the station or from where, but her indifference and coldness have made her an ideal agent for the ruthless shipping companies to protect their interests. However she is not above making a little extra cash by selling information for money.

Eric Snow - Kal Langford


Eric Snow plays the hardened roughneck, Kal Langford. A dockworker and shiphand, Kal has been on Rylar Station his whole life. He keeps to himself and is wary of anyone asking for him as he regularly engages in illegal activity to make some extra cash.