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Chris Staehler - Director

Chris wrote, directed, and supervised visual effects on The Beacon. Drawn to the power of storytelling through film, Chris took up experimenting with visual effects to help tell his tales. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics from Purdue University before making his way to Los Angeles’s film industry, where he’s worked as compositor, matte painter, previsualization supervisor, and visual effects supervisor. Outside of his short film work, Chris is currently a Previsualization Supervisor at Digital Domain. 

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Chris Purdy - Director of Photography

Whether it’s commercial, narrative, or experimental, Chris always strives to discover the soul of a story, and to develop a unique language of cinematic images that articulate the Director's vision.

Though he is at home shooting on 35mm and 16mm film or any digital format, the tools are not as exciting as the story being told. Although knowing the latest technology is an important and enjoyable part of the craft, Chris aims for simplicity whenever possible.

Raised in the Midwest, Chris began shooting at a young age. After getting a BA in Film Studies from Purdue University, he went on to complete his MFA in Cinematography at Chapman University. He is based in Los Angeles, but travels often for work and adventure.

The Cast

Damien Kelly - Mark Verne

Damien Kelly plays Mark Verne, husband of Kara Verne. Mark is a local system shipping pilot running supplies in the solar system. He has a limp from an old injury that sometimes gives him trouble, but he powers through it to make ends meet.

Kylie Contreary - Kara Verne

Kylie Contreary plays Kara Verne, wife of Mark Verne. Kara is a shipping pilot like Mark, running mostly local runs. She has always wanted to make longer, interstellar runs, especially to the core worlds, but has yet to get a break. Her and Mark's busy schedule keep them apart for long lengths of time just to make ends meet.

​​Claire Montgomery - Judy

Claire Montgomery plays the jaded port authority agent on Rylar Station known as Judy. No one is sure of when she came to the station or from where, but her indifference and coldness have made her an ideal agent for the ruthless shipping companies to protect their interests. However she is not above making a little extra cash by selling information for money.

Eric Snow - Kal Langford


Eric Snow plays the hardened roughneck, Kal Langford. A dockworker and shiphand, Kal has been on Rylar Station his whole life. He keeps to himself and is wary of anyone asking for him as he regularly engages in illegal activity to make some extra cash.






Co-Producer/ Location manager

Executive Producer


1st Assitant Director

2nd Assistant Director

Director of Photography

1st AC

2nd AC

Digital Imaging Technician

Hair & Make-up Artist

Rigging Gaffer


Best Boy Electric


Key Grip

Best Boy Grip

Rigging Key Grip

Dolly Grip


VFX Supervisor

VFX Producer

3D Modelers




Matte Painters

Conform /Colorist

Chris Staehler

Chris Staehler

David Quandt

John Marsaglia

Chris Purdy

Anthony Cabrera

Thomas Haley-Hermiz

Chris Staehler

Will Kioultzopoulos

Phil Aleman

Chris Purdy

Trevor Roach

Jiyoon Kim

J. Cooper Arbios

Hansjeet Duggal

Kelly Andrews

Nick Ramsey

Stephen Ho

Dustin Lawyer

Andrew Pearson

Kevin Ramirez

Monty Sloan

Cheng Song

Justin Moore

Same Hecker

Harris Smith

Joey Luu

Chris Staehler

Chris Purdy

Dan Scruggs

Andrew Bangel

Omar Hesham

Chris Staehler

Chris Purdy

Will Kioultzopoulos

Chris Staehler

Brian LeFrance

Jason Pethtel

Chris Purdy

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